Methi paratha

Methi Paratha   Ingredients: Fenugreek Leaves - 3 cups Finely Chopped Chopped Green chillies - 2 - 3 Carom Seeds - 1 tsp Wheat Flour - 1 cup Gram Flour - 1/2 cup Salt - to taste Method: Pick and wash fenugreek leaves nicely in water. Finely chop them Take flour, add the fenugreek leaves, …

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Hershey’s Choco Walnut Cake

Hersheys Choco Walnut Cake Time for some more sweet indulgence. Another cake that you can bake in a jiffy. You will just require a maximum of 30 minutes to get this ready, 10 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of baking. I like this recipe because it is real quick, its eggless. no blender required, …

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Indian Green Curry with coconut milk

This one is another favorite from my moms kitchen. This is her own invention and I just love it!!! For all the Sindhis, Its basically 'Sindhi Seyal masala' with coconut milk. Sounds like an unusual combination but it tastes even better than the traditional Thai green curry which many people love. You can make this …

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